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A journey of discovery as a ghost who wakes up on Halloween with no memory of who they are.

Please leave a comment if you run into any bugs or issues so that I can patch them out!


Arrow Keys to move.

Space or Enter are the action button

Esc is pause or back when in the menu

In "Options" you can turn on autorun, otherwise hold Shift to run

Twitter: @P_Wiederspan


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Ghosts Mac.zip 574 MB
Ghosts Windows.zip 438 MB


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This is a really cute game, it's a great use of RPG Maker and I really enjoyed your writing. And despite being about a ghost I found the story really wholesome, I especially love the parts where you get to make the animals feel nice about themselves c: 

I haven't been able to complete the game though, which I think is due to the glitches below:

- The game crashes when I go to Menu, Options, then press Escape to return to Menu.

- The Horses (Farm) and Picking Rocks (Mountains) quests can't be completed for me. The NPC's dialogue carries on as if they've been completed, but they still show up as Available on the Quests menu. I think this is stopping me from progressing in the game as I can't find what I'm supposed to do next.

- Not sure if this was on purpose, but the game never allowed me to save at any point. Kinda frustrating if I have to go back to the start each time.

Despite these issues though I really enjoyed the game. Nice job!

Thank you so much for the kind words! I will take a look at what might be causing those bugs and hopefully put out a patch soon! I'll also check out why you can't save, because that is probably very frustrating.